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Guillermo del Toro, one of our favourite film directors and a tremendous horror movie nerd, just directed the opening sequence for The Simpsons 24th episodes of their Treehouse of Horror Halloween anthology series.

This awesome three-minute-long extended intro and couch gag is so densely packed with references to horror and science fiction movies (including a bunch of del Toro’s own work) that we had to keep pausing it to try and identify them all.

How many references can you recognize?
Click here to watch MoviePilot’s version in which they identify all the referenced they spotted. 

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Empire Business by Brian Nguyen in Davenport, IA
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Kurt Cobain by Charles Peterson.


Kurt Cobain by Charles Peterson.

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3x11: Abiquiu

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‘This cannibal you have him getting to know… I think I can help good Will see his face.’

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4x09: Bug

Bryan: But it’s actually a very even fight, because I’m an old guy and he’s a scrawny little dude.  So, that combination…

Aaron: Nice one. Yeah! Good job! [they high five]

Inside Breaking Bad 4.09, Walt and Jesse’s Fight, by htbthomas

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